The full moon in Aquarius of 2021 occurs on July 23 at 10:36 p.m. ET. In astrology, Aquarius is a solid air sign that represents innovation, change, future vision, collective and humanitarian endeavors. Full moons manifest important revelations, and for many they can feel like the culmination of events that started around this time last year. This particular full moon in Aquarius – which forms an opposition to a Leo sun – urges us to break away from what feels oppressive or stagnant in our own individual lives. At the societal level, it is also revealing and exacerbated where the systems do not serve and help people. This includes international environmental, social and structural issues.

This 2021 Full Moon in Aquarius comes under the influence of retrograde Saturn in Aquarius, who this year has established a lingering hard bond with Uranus in Taurus. In your own individual life, the inner tension of the full moon can drive you toward rebellion and the need to break out of compulsions to be in your truest self-expression.

Moving towards self-preservation by articulating what feels right for you is an important part of this Aquarius full moon of 2021.

Moving towards self-preservation by articulating what feels right for you is an important part of this Aquarius full moon of 2021. This is fueled by the emotionally intelligent planet Mercury in Cancer who has a supportive connection with Neptune declining in Pisces forms. This is a time when many take the time to finally appreciate their emotions and decide what feels right to them.

This time focuses on making heart-centered decisions. Below you will find out what you can expect for your zodiac sign from the full moon in Aquarius 2021. For a more holistic look at the month ahead, check out your sun, moon, and rise signs. (You can run a free online natal chart generator here.) Then incorporate your customized full moon affirmation into your day to bring you to your truth.

What the full moon in Aquarius 2021 means for your zodiac sign


They realize that you must first actively choose these in order for your hopes, dreams, and desires to come true. Perhaps you are in a situation right now where you feel that your creativity, your inner child, and your self-expression cannot really thrive.

This is a time when you can suddenly choose to leave this stagnant energy. Choose what really ignites your fire and allows you who you are, Aries. The key now is to come up with a detailed plan of how to get there because there is work associated with every new idea.

Your full moon affirmation: My creativity is fluid and powerful. I love my individuality and what I have to offer the collective.


It’s time to shake things up and break away from the norm, Taurus. Your career and life path will be activated and this will prompt you to choose what really suits you. This can be a completely new direction, a complete innovation or revision, or a current one. The change can be sudden, but it can also be urgently needed so that you can really grow professionally.

You have seen tremendous growth in your personality over the past year. It is only natural now that you look for situations that fit who you are now.

Your full moon affirmation: I love, accept and integrate who I was and who I am now.


The universe is pushing you to break out of the box. Gemini are masters of communication and this energy encourages you to accept it. This is a time when you feel pressured to express your truth and embrace your creative message.

Where did you stop yourself or allow others to tarnish your sparkle? You have a lot to offer the collective and this lunar event encourages you to break free from judgment. Only you can hold back.

Your full moon affirmation: My voice is important. If I tell my truth, I will regain my power.


You focus on money, material gains and shared resources. If you’ve worked on a unique business or creative project, now is the time to start experiencing manifestation. This could be done through the acquisition of more customers or through sudden support from an outside source.

This shift can also manifest through a life partner. This 2021 Full Moon in Aquarius will activate changes in your source of income that will ultimately affect yours as well. In general, the means could be through something innovative, forward-looking and stable.

Your full moon affirmation: I am rich and blessed. For every dollar that goes out, I keep getting 100 back.


Your individuality and how it relates to your relationships is in the energetic spotlight. Your creative truth versus the opinions of others can create internal friction to make a decision that is better suited to you. There may be sudden occupational shifts or changes in the employment relationship.

Not only can this influence be work-related, but big changes can also occur in a love or personal relationship. When you’re not getting what you need, or when you’re feeling a sense of stagnation, it can feel like a period of positive relief.

Your full moon affirmation: I love myself and through this radical self-love I only attract those who match my energy.


Your health and your daily work are changing. If you have faced challenges or difficulties in this area of ​​your life, you may feel pressured to make a change for the better. This could be by incorporating meditation, healthier eating, and exercise into your daily life. Alternative healing methods can also be of interest.

You also experience changes in your daily work. Perhaps you felt creatively limited in your current role. If so, now you may be pushed to choose a new work environment or schedule that is more inspiring to you. Freelancing, starting a business, or focusing on a unique project can also manifest during this time.

Your full moon affirmation: Health is wealth. I am healthy, cared for and quickly heal from within.


You may begin to see movement on an important contract, investment, or joint financial matter that you’ve put energy into. This can feel like a sudden, and this new opportunity can feel like a step up to you. Maybe this is a mortgage, business investment, or business with a spouse, if that’s the case.

This is also a powerful time for creativity. You can also feel the urge to post a new idea on your network or on social media. It can feel more in line with your true creative self-expression. Use this as a time to free yourself from what was holding you back from that authenticity. For some, Libra fertility may be a focus during this time.

Your full moon affirmation: The energy that I give mentally and financially always comes back to me tenfold. The universe is an endless source of abundance.


Career and life path changes are developing, Scorpio. You’re leaving your comfort zone and stepping into the spotlight on your work. This can be done through a new and innovative opportunity or through a creative project.

Use this as a time to tap into your creative truth. When you find yourself in a place where you feel you are not going to do this, you may be pushed into a decision. Listen to your heart and let your emotions guide you. Adjusting yourself to others will only make you uncomfortable.

Your full moon affirmation: The world loves what I create. The passion and love that I always express in my work.


Expanding your mind with knowledge is what drives you. This can be done by acquiring a new certification or taking online courses for greater impact on the collective. You can also do this through international travel or international affairs if you have the opportunity.

You may also feel more open about your beliefs and opinion on an important topic through social media or your industry. Remember your mission and passion. While this can feel sudden, it can be liberating to finally start sharing your truth.

Your full moon affirmation: My mind expands and so does my consciousness. I feel safe in my ideas and thoughts.


Money and your earned income are important issues to you, closely related to your self-esteem, and the full moon brings out truths about this area of ​​your life. You may find that you have been underpaid or have not charged enough for your services.

You can also start taking a unique approach to making your money. This can be done by choosing an unconventional job or starting your own business. This is a time of liberation and independence from the limitations and constraints that you have felt in your resources. It is up to you to give yourself what you are worth first and external reality will adjust to it.

Your full moon affirmation: I am worthy of abundance. My skills and talent always get the compensation I deserve.


This full moon affects you the most, Aquarius, as it appears in your sign. This activates the unique individual you naturally are and how that affects your personal relationships. If you’re in a romantic or professional relationship where you can’t express who you are, you can be influenced to make a change.

You are settling in with your most authentic self at this point. Saturn in Aquarius pushed you to free what (or who) was holding you back from your self-expression and creativity. Now it can feel like a time of sudden but necessary change.

Your full moon affirmation: I attract creative people and relationships who understand and love the real me.


The cosmos brings fun, self-expression and change to your work and health routine. Perhaps you have felt stagnant and uninspired in this area of ​​your life. This could be due to a new sports exit or a need to change the way you do your job. Don’t be afraid to share your innovative ideas – colleagues can now be open-minded.

For some fish, the focus may shift to working with children as well. If your work schedule has felt oppressive and uncomfortable to others, you may feel encouraged to change it. It is important to protect your energy and not to overexert yourself.

Your full moon affirmation: Every day I am inspired to create. I inject fun and joy into everything I do.

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