The 9 best resistance bands to buy in 2021 to improve your workout

The choice of high-tech exercise equipment for the home is growing all the time – and you certainly won’t hear me complaining. There are kettlebells that magically adjust weight at the touch of a button, stationary bikes with all sorts of bells and whistles, and complete fitness systems that are compact enough to fit in the corner of your living room. Still, sometimes the simplest devices are the best. Case in point: a resistance band.

Seriously, don’t overlook these handy bands – they’re incredibly versatile and useful for a wide variety of fitness goals. They are available in many different shapes (loops, handles, tubes, open ends) and resistance levels to meet your needs. These seemingly harmless ligaments can make a bodyweight strength exercise much more difficult, and they’re also fantastic for building stability. Not to mention the compactness makes them perfect for travel or even an ad hoc outdoor workout.

As a health editor and NASM certified trainer, I’ve tested many different resistance bands. Below I’ve rounded up some of my favorite options that you can add to your own home exercise program. Once you’ve got yourself a set, be sure to try this abs and full body routine workout.

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