How To Most Effectively Moisturize The Skin *

The skin is a complex, dynamic organ made up of many different components that must work together to function properly. To name a few, there is the role of the skin microbiome, acid mantle, lipid layer, elastin, and collagen.

Now when we talk about premature aging, collagen gets the most attention. With good reason: The structural protein gives our skin firmness, hold and a firm appearance. Its loss – which comes naturally with time and from UV damage and stressors – is one of the main causes of fine lines, loss of volume and sagging. Elastin tends to take second place as it helps our skin snap back into place easily and gives our skin a bouncy look.

But then there is hyaluronic acid. If you stick to skin care, you’ve probably heard of it by now. The natural humectant is a famous serum and lotion ingredient that helps your skin bind and hold water. And if you really know about skin health, you may also know that it occurs naturally in your body and skin too.

But did you know you can take it orally? And if you ingest it internally, could your skin be plumped and moisturized more effectively? * Let us explain.

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