I live dangerously close to a really good place for chopped lettuce. I say “dangerous” because I only recently saw how much money I spent there when I sat down and assessed my budget. It was the wake up call I needed. If I wanted to keep both lettuce greens and money greens in my life, I had to make my own lunch at home.

Well, I understand this is 100 percent a first world problem, but making a salad that isn’t entirely boring is more time consuming than it sounds. You don’t have to be a real salad lover to know that the key is filling your bowl with a variety of ingredients (and having a good dressing). And these suckers take time to slice, dice, and chop. “How the hell do salad makers do this so fast in places with a line at the door?” I asked myself one day as I was chopping up some Romana. It was then that I realized they had a nifty tool that cut the time a lot: a double mezzaluna chopper.

Anyone who’s been to a place with chopped lettuce has seen one of these. Not having one would be like a barista with no access to an espresso machine: it’s a Got to. Basically, a double mezzaluna chopper is a sharp curved steel blade with handles. (“Mezzaluna” means “half moon” in Italian.) You use it by simply rocking it back and forth whenever you want to cut it: lettuce, herbs, vegetables … it does everything. It can even handle nuts.

Now I understand that making salads at home was about staying within my budget and here I am shopping for salad tools. But that particular double mezzaluna chopper is essentially half the price of a single chopped salad. So if you’re looking to save money, keep in mind that this gadget pays off once you make some salads yourself at home instead of stopping by Chop’t, Sweetgreen, or the local vegan store. Not only does this mezzaluna save money and time, but it is also safer than using a knife, especially for those who have no cooking skills. Why? Because you hurt yourself much less while using it – after all, your hands stay on the wooden handles and away from the blade.

If you’re a health conscious eater who loves crispy potatoes and roasted vegetables, you probably have a hot air fryer. If you’re the smoothie type, I don’t have to see your kitchen to know there’s a blender on the counter. And if you like salad, a double mezzaluna chopper is the right cooking tool for you. Plus, less time preparing your salad leaves more time for the best part: eating it.

Looking for a salad recipe? Check out the video below to see how to make a simple kale salad with honey and lemon dressing:

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