W.he many coffee purists out there who don’t even think of adding a drop of oat milk to their cup of coffee, there are certainly many ways to trick them if you so desire. Adding cinnamon for potent anti-inflammatory effects, including adaptogenic mushrooms to support immunity and brain health, or plant-based cream for a dose of healthy fats (and a delicious taste) are just a few of the options. Another coffee additive that is becoming increasingly popular is CBD – and there are several brands out there that will do the blending for you.

How exactly does CBD coffee work?

Jamie Evans, aka The Herb Somm and author of The ultimate guide to CBD ($ 10) and Cannabis drinks: secrets of making CBD ($ 20) says there are a few reasons someone might be inclined to try CBD coffee. “Coffee can improve the brain’s ability to make full use of serotonin and improve dopamine signaling in the brain, which lifts mood,” she says. “CBD interacts with our serotonin receptors to create happy feelings. At low doses, coffee and CBD can help you feel energized, boost your mood, and keep anxiety at bay.”

This means that adding CBD can help reduce the spiciness if you tend to feel nervous while drinking coffee. “While more research and study needs to be done to reach a definitive conclusion, anecdotal evidence suggests that adding cannabidiol to coffee can help relieve nervousness and ease the anxiety that caffeine can sometimes induce, when too much is consumed, ”says Evans. She explains that this is because of the way CBD interacts with serotonin receptors and also because it helps muscles relax and reduce cramps. “Just keep in mind that responses to CBD vary from person to person – it’s a very personalized medicine,” she adds. “This is why it is important to experiment safely to see how your body reacts, especially when combined with coffee.”

According to Evans, if you want to safely experiment with CBD coffee, digging a little to see where the CBD came from is important. That includes whether you’re buying a ready-to-drink CBD coffee or adding drops of CBD to your coffee alone. She explains that CBD has gained popularity much faster than the regulations kept up. “There are more and more companies rushing to release items without going through proper safety and laboratory tests to make sure their products are up to date,” she says. If the CBD or CBD coffee brand you’re looking for doesn’t state where they get their CBD from on their website, skip it and find one that does. Evans says it is a Really A good sign if the brand you’re checking out has a Certificate of Analysis that ensures it’s been lab tested.

In addition to sourcing, it’s also important to consider the dose of CBD, according to Evans. You may need to experiment a bit to find the dose that works best for you, but Evans says that if you don’t feel like it works right away, her advice is: Not increase the dose immediately, but keep the dose constant for a while first. “Though you may not feel [it] For starters, your CBD milligram intake will add up over a couple of weeks and potentially have a longer lasting effect, “she says. If you’ve been sticking with the same dose for a few weeks and still want to increase it, you can give it a try And of course, if you are on any prescription medication, it is best to discuss with your doctor before trying CBD coffee.

Is coffee healthy at all? Check out the video below to see what a Registered Dietitian has to say:

According to experts, the 4 best CBD coffee brands to try

bearded man coffee
Bearded man making coffee

Extract Labs X Bearded Man Coffee – $ 30.00

CBD coffee brands vary widely when it comes to dosage. Evans says it may take some experimentation to find the right product for you – that is, the coffee that has both the taste, caffeine, and CBD dosage you are looking for. For example, if you drink multiple cups of coffee every day, Extract Labs X Bearded Man Coffee might be for you. “Our standard recommended dose for most people is 33 milligrams. The average American drinks two cups of coffee a day, so we’re dividing the difference to give us the opportunity to have a few cups without getting too much CBD in one serving, ”said Grant Rogers, Digital Marketing Manager at Extract Labs.

Their CBD coffee is sold in K-cup shape, and Rogers points out that these K-cups are superior to others on the market. Rogers says that not only are they “breathable,” but they also prevent the coffee grounds from becoming stale, but also prevent coffee from brewing and blooming in the cup, much like a French press. “Plus, the bamboo-based K cups are biodegradable, which eliminates the excess waste problem that is synonymous with their name,” he adds.

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Jibby coffee

Jibby CBD Cold Brew Coffee – $ 36.00

Jibby Coffee is one of the newer brands entering the market selling canned CBD cold beverages. Co-founder James Reina says they source their CBD from hemp farms in Kentucky and Colorado and are working with a lab in Colorado to extract it. “The CBD is isolated to be consistent yet tasteless in each batch of coffee, and we test and publish the results of each batch for transparency,” he says. After a lot of experimentation, they ended up at 25 milligrams as the CBD dosage in each can. “We found that 25 milligrams per serving is the goldilocks dose – just enough to supplement the natural caffeine energy of our coffee and keep you calm, focused and creative throughout the day,” says Reina.

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Green roads

Green Roads Hemp Flower Coffee – $ 12.00

Green Roads is a CBD coffee brand that has several blends to choose from, including their founding blend (a traditional Colombian coffee), French vanilla, and hazelnut. Co-Founder, CEO and Licensed Pharmacist Laura Fuentes, RPH recommends picking one based on your preferred taste profile. However you choose to make your coffee at home, your beans will do the job. “All of your favorite brewing methods like drip coffee, french press, or pour-over should work equally well. In the case of our hemp coffee, the roasting phase of our process doesn’t affect the cannabinoid profile, ”she says.

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Strava CBD Coffee – $ 22.00

Strava offers a range of CBD coffees in various dosages that range from four milligrams to 20 milligrams. “We like to give these options because we know that CBD offers a unique experience for everyone and not everyone drinks the same amount of coffee. That way, consumers can customize what works best for them, ”says Stephanie Laws, account manager for the brand. Strava sells CBD coffee in the form of beans and K-cups and says the infusion comes after the beans are roasted. “This ensures that the CBD is not affected by the high temperatures of the actual coffee roasting process,” explains Laws. Since CBD molecules don’t break down until 300 ° F, she adds that its integrity is also maintained during the coffee brewing process. (Coffee is brewed between 195 ° F and 205 ° F.)

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As you can see, with the advent of more CBD coffee brands in the market, there are plenty of ways to try it – without having to tinker with dosage and tinctures yourself. Just make sure to do your research before hitting add to cart (or more simply, choose one of the trusted brands mentioned above). For Evans, you want to make sure you’re supporting brands that are actually using high quality CBD, rather than just trying to capitalize on a buoyant trend. Doing your homework will pay off in both taste and how you feel.

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