5 Ways To Improve Your Floor Health Naturally, From Expert Expert

You can learn a lot about a garden by digging up its dirt. Ideally, the earth in your hands is dark, damp, crumbly, and teeming with beetles and earthworms; indicates that it is effective in supplying nutrients to plants, storing water, and pulling back excess carbon from the atmosphere.

If your device falls into the dry, compact, and lifeless category, you are not alone. “In most places you can assume that your soil needs some maintenance,” says the long-time city gardener Rishi Kumar to mbg. However, it is possible and relatively easy to turn things underground.

Since co-founding his company, Healing Gardens, which connects people to stunning gardens in their area that they can visit or rent for events, Kumar has seen many vibrant, lush outdoor spaces that started out as stains on barren ground. “Any soil is capable of creating a garden and storing carbon,” he says, adding that sometimes it just takes a little help from us.

Here, Kumar reveals five ways to make your soil healthy again and regenerate your garden in the process.

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