3 Skin Care Benefits Of Pomegranate Extract Supplements *

On a strictly functional (and perhaps obvious) level, you’re a drink that may contain preservatives and sugar. The other is a concentrated dose of the pure extract that is usually taken in capsule form.

In addition, the comparisons that we can extrapolate are based on findings in specific studies or clinics. Overall, both forms have several skin and health benefits thanks to their antioxidant properties. * “In the past, pomegranate juice has had a greater number of published studies; and while it is not an extract, the results are still useful and relevant, but they can simply cannot be extrapolated directly 1: 1 to pomegranate extract, “says Ferira. “But there are definitely similarities in that juice and extract studies have shown pomegranate plants’ health benefits for skin health (like UV protection), antioxidant effects, and so on.” *

For example, both pomegranate juice and extract improve the skin’s resistance to photodamage and changes in the skin’s microbiome. * And separate studies have shown that both the juice and extract reduce oxidative stress in the body. *

How you take it is entirely up to you, of course, but we recommend pomegranates in extract as it is likely an easier, more effective, and sugar-free way to take it on a daily basis. *

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