Cryoport to support ProMab biotechnologies’ CAR-T cell preclinical services

Cryoport to provide cryogenic logistics solutions for CAR-T cell shipments across China, and to other Asian countries.

CAR-T Cryoport Inc Promab

Cryoport, Inc., the world’s leading cryogenic logistics company supporting the life sciences industry, has announced that it will be providing its advanced cryogenic logistics solutions to support ProMab Biotechnologies’ new chimeric-antigen receptors (CARs), and specifically CAR-redirected T-cell (CAR-T).


ProMab is leveraging its extensive experience in monoclonal antibody development and immunotherapies to generate CAR-T cells for use in research and preclinical studies, as contracted, and as a proprietary clinical tool. With development activities and manufacturing housed both in the United States and China, ProMab will employ Cryoport’s cryogenic logistics solutions for the movement of biologic materials throughout China. ProMab has also expressed interest in leveraging Cryoport’s expertise for market expansion in Europe, Canada, and Israel.


As ProMab builds-out the new CAR-T cell-engineering segment of its business at its manufacturing facility in China, Cryoport’s depot in Singapore will support the transport of these products across China and around the world.


CAR-T gene therapy is an exceptionally promising field for immune-therapeutic alternatives for the treatment of cancers.  In China there are an expanding number of companies and institutions making significant investments in immunotherapy research, including developing CAR-T cells.  An example is the recently announced partnership of Kite Pharma and Fosun Pharmaceutical Co Ltd to commercialize Kite’s cancer drugs in China. Additionally, Chinese biomedical research has played an integral role in the advancement of immunotherapy engineering.


“Cryoport is well-versed in international best practices for transporting cryogenically preserved material, including experience in managing Chinese regulations. This combination of specialized cryogenic capabilities and knowledge will help accelerate the cold chain logistics essential to our programs,” said John Wu, CEO at ProMab Biotechnologies, Inc. “Our CAR-T cell models will be modular in both design and availability, individually tailored per the conditions of the customer contract. We are excited to launch this new undertaking and are confident that Cryoport’s cold chain logistics solutions will assist us in fulfilling our clients’ needs and help us reach our internal growth objectives.”


Jerrell Shelton, Chief Executive Officer of Cryoport, stated, “Cryoport has supported ProMab Biotechnologies’ antibody reagent business since 2012 and we are proud to have the opportunity to expand our relationship with ProMab as it extends its product and service offerings to include CAR T-cell therapy engineering. Our proven cryogenic logistics solutions for life sciences companies will address the complex requirements ProMab faces as it transports valuable, temperature-sensitive CAR T-cell materials to and within China. In addition to having the experience necessary for the successful delivery of ProMab’s products, Cryoport’s operating center in Singapore provides added assurance for ProMab as it builds out its CAR-T manufacturing in mainland China.”