September – October 2011

Editor's Note

Drug Development

  • Surviving difficult times

    While the global recession has exacerbated fi nancial pressures on biopharmaceutical companies, those pressures create opportunities for the industry to reexamine and revamp the drug development process.... Read More

Drug Manufacturing

  • Moving up the compliance curve

    How does a company move compliance from a traditional approach to a fully effective quality system that is not only compliant but effi cient and integrated to key business processes? The following case study illustrates its transformation.... Read More
  • Drug counterfeiting: Under siege

    Asia’s pharmaceutical supply chains are constantly being invaded by fake and sub-standard drugs.... Read More

Country Analysis

Special Report

  • Modern drug testing

    TÜV SÜD PSB is equipped with modern analytical testing equipments to help companies meet the necessary product quality and validation requirements for drugs and pharmaceutical products. Pharma Asia visited the facility in Singapore to fi nd out more.... Read More

Product Focus

  • High resolution data

    Agilent Technologies Inc introduced the SureScan Microarray Scanner, the latest innovation in scanner technology and the foundation of Agilent’s complete microarray solution for both gene expression and CGH/cytogenetics research applications.... Read More